Hi!I am Nargisse,a Moroccan girl based in London with a real passion for food.My favourite activities include day dreaming,laughing extremely hard,探索世界,swimming in the ocean and eating 188bet体育在线chocolate. I am passionate about Moroccan cuisine and I love sharing my cooking and cultural heritage.

我喜欢开发简单、平衡的食谱,但最重要的是,这些食谱来自我的祖国。On top of being a fun and tasty activity,我觉得烹饪也是一种探索和连接不同文化的方式,我喜欢通过把自己的曲折融入到摩洛哥的经典中。

I grew up in Brussels in a family seriously obsessed with food.While growing up,my mama and papa – my main inspiration – always filled our kitchen with Moroccan dishes and did their best to bring our culture to my brothers and me.

I moved to London a few years ago to study Politics,only to realize that my interest in cooking was in fact a real passion.This passion led me to follow an inspiring and enriching cooking course 在莱斯食品和葡萄酒学院 that made me realise that my interest for food should become more than a hobby. After my course,I naturally decided to start blogging about the cuisine of my origins to share my passion but also to make Moroccan dishes more modern and accessible.


所以我在这里,posting from my cozy kitchen in London,where I live with my wonderful husband and daughter,hoping to make 金宝博美式足球my Moroccan food,your Moroccan food. Thanks for passing by!!

我的处女作金宝博美式足球 卡萨布兰卡:我的摩洛哥食金宝博美式足球物,published byMitchell Beazleyis out now!!