Ever since I started doing my supper clubs, the idea of working in the restaurant industry started to float in my mind, and the more I thought about it, the more I became excited about working in a restaurant. So when Omar and Simo approached me to be their chef and design their menu, I didn't think twice about saying yes. The best part is that their philosophy regarding the food and the restaurant was so similar to mine that everything came into place very naturally.

So everyone please meet your next favourite place in Marrakech! Beyond thrilled to introduce you toL'Mida Marrakech, a place where *my* modern Moroccan food and wonderful views meet in harmony! Couldn’t have dreamt of a better location and setting for my dishes to be cooked and celebrated. For more information and/or reservation check out://www.lmidamarrakech.com/en/.


Photos credit:Belabbes Houssain